An Unbiased View of breakbeat remix

25. To lessen sharply in price or quantity: Stock charges broke once the business abruptly declared layoffs.

outdo, outgo, outmatch, outperform, outstrip, surpass, exceed, surmount - be or do anything to your greater degree; "her general performance surpasses that of any other scholar I understand"; "She outdoes all other athletes"; "This exceeds all my anticipations"; "This motor vehicle outperforms all Other people in its course"

blow - lead to to be discovered and jeopardized; "The story blew their address"; "The double agent was blown by another facet"

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21. To weaken or wipe out, as in spirit or well being; overwhelm with adversity: "For any hero loves the entire world till it breaks him" (William Butler Yeats).

11. Casual a. An allowance or indulgence; accommodating procedure: The boss gave me a break mainly because I might been Ill.

show up - appear into sight or watch; "He instantly appeared within the wedding"; "A new star appeared over the horizon"

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break - enter somebody's (Digital or authentic) property in an unauthorized way, commonly with the intent to steal or commit a violent act; "A person broke in when I had been on holiday vacation"; "They broke into my vehicle and stole my radio!"; "who broke into my account previous evening?"

seventeen. To overcome or put an close to, In particular by pressure or powerful opposition: break a deadlock in negotiations; break a strike.

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1. To independent or be separated into items: She broke up a chocolate bar. The river ice last but not least broke up. To interrupt the uniformity or continuity of: An impromptu pay a visit to broke up the extensive afternoon.

I've identified some great breaks remixes of well-liked songs like "Cry Me A River". Does any one know almost every other very good ones which i can discover on Kazaa or perhaps the Hub? I need mainstream, and I need it to BUMP!

five. To render or turn out to be weak or ineffective: lihat Opposition into the king's rule gradually broke down his authority.

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